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Destination Weddings can happen anywhere!

Destination Weddings are my passion… Planning a Destination Wedding can be a stressful event, although there are a lot of elements you don’t have to worry about compared to the home town wedding!  I have done several Destination Weddings and for sure each one is different.  Chad and Lindsay’s wedding was in beautiful Los Cabos at […]

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Air Travel Myths…True or False

I came across an article on the Consumer Traveler magazine and had to share some of it with you.  There are so much news out there telling us what we have to be careful with in terms of germs etc.  Its hard to keep track of it all!  All I know if that we were […]

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Rwanda with my clients!

Please check out this amazing Post of my clients Glen and Vicky.  They are currently in Rwanda doing the gorilla Trek.

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Travel Insurance..the ongoing Dilemma

In my 20+ years of experience being a Travel Agent I am still baffled as to why people feel they don`t need Travel Insurance.  Come on people…not everyone is rich enough to pay a huge medical bill if while on holidays something happens.  And just because you are healthy doesn’t mean you might not get […]

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DIY Travel Packing Solutions

When it comes to finding the best of anything, Pinterest is your friend! I went looking for great ideas to pack necessities for travel in a more compact way.   Anyone that knows me knows that…I ALWAYS have the Heavy sticker put on my bags, on the way TO my destination!  And just a note on […]

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