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Upcoming Tours!

Italy and the Dalmation Coast August 12-20, 2019 Italy Brochure Laurie (002)   Iconic Italy October 12-25, 2019 Tour Info   Nashville June 12-17, 2019 Nashville 2019

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Trip Interruption Insurance..most important!

You’re sitting in the travel agency and you plan this amazing trip, costing you a lot of money (or not) and your travel agent wants more money from you by asking “Do you want Travel Insurance”?  At this point most people say they have it on their credit card or through work.  But be warned, […]

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What is a Wellness Vacation

WELLNESS VACATION..WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Wellness Vacations come in many forms. It just depends on what you as an individual are looking for.  Some people may look at a Spa with several Spa Treatments and time at the beach as a wellness vacation.  others might want to incorporate yoga, spa and exercise programs.  Its definitely […]

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Travel to make those memories happen!

I’m writing this blog today to remind people that you need to make memories…create them as much as you can, because pictures are great, but they don’t even begin to tell the story that a memory will… Recently my husband Lorne, my son Josh, and myself took my parents to Toronto.  To give you a […]

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Traveling..where to go next

A traditional night in the desert having Dinner Last year my husband Lorne and I were fortunate to travel extensively. We started January off with Dubai..what an amazing country and it really surprised me how safe I really felt there.  We checked out all the “must see and do’s” with my favorite being the Burj […]

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